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All about MMD animations and scenes concerning fights, war, battles and so on. Action MMD!
Founded 1 Year ago
Feb 18, 2016


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Resources & Tutorials

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Digital Media

576 Members
636 Watchers
46,352 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

MMD Marvel Ghost Raider Download by Entzminger500
Imperial Postcard by Maddoktor2
Jedi hunt(mmd) by 32Rabbit
2B Hime vs 2B Cynthia by LeonDiablos
Models DL Females
Tobal Mmd Angry Opponent by SPIRITRAY76
monster rancher pixie download by SPIRITRAY76
TDA Miku Maganese (D O W N L O A D!!!) by mixaylova17
MMD TDA Kokoro Schoolgirl Strikers Base Download by Entzminger500
Models DL Males
MMD Marvel Ultron Download by Entzminger500
MMD Peter Jason Quill - Star-Lord Download by Entzminger500
MMD Scarlet Spider- Ben Reilly Download by Entzminger500
MMD Marvel Nova alias Sam Alexander Download by Entzminger500
Battle Stages DL
CM3D2 to MMD: Subway by kaahgomedl
CM3D2 to MMD: Maid Backstage Room by kaahgomedl
CM3D2 to MMD: Empire club Kitchen by kaahgomedl
CM3D2 to MMD: Playroom by kaahgomedl
DL Combat Accessories
[MMD] IWI TAR-21 (ripped)(WIP) by AbyssLeo
[MMD] Norinco QBZ-95 (ripped)(WIP) by AbyssLeo
[MMD] HK MP5K for DL by AbyssLeo
[MMD] HK MP5K (ripped)(WIP) by AbyssLeo
Motion Data DL
Centered Motion DL 14 by ZaziTheAngel19
Centered Motion Data 15 by ZaziTheAngel19
[MMD DL] ORBIT : Colossal Epic Trailer New Motion by LGMODS
Ultimate Pillow Fight (Motion by Noodleay) by Noodleay
Pose Data DL
Saint Seiya Pose Pack 3 by castymaat
Yandere pose pack  download ...YES ANOTHER by Bindi-the-skunk
The Kurenai Reflexive Pose by castymaat
Battle Vehicles DL
[DL] TIE Interceptor by Maddoktor2
[MMD] Hoverboard DL! by ScarlettAckerman
[DL] TIE Advanced x1 Fighter by Maddoktor2
[DL] Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder by Maddoktor2
Models DL Mixed
MMD Marvel Groot Model Download by Entzminger500
Dark Dragons by Tokami-Fuko
Owner of the Heavens (png-pack) by Tokami-Fuko
Hello Neighbor|| MODELS (No bones) by Yoshi-Akira
Various resources DL
CM3D2 to mmd: anime glasses by kaahgomedl
[Cartoon Hair Texture]  Download by ZakuraMay
[Float]Download by ZakuraMay
Tutorial MMD Dome Master (MMD 360 2 English) by vocaloidfantasy
Art of War
[MMD] Asura A.O.T : If you.. (Render #3) by LGMODS
Art of Freehand
[MMD VIDEO] NINJASURA : Tricking Release The Fire by LGMODS
Art of OTHER...
[MMD] Asura A.O.T (Render #2) by LGMODS
DL Non-Combat accessories
Rappelz: head Decoration (Cat Ears) by Jalmod
Art of Portraits
[MMD] Asura A.O.T. (Render) by LGMODS
DL Battle Outfits
MMD Wolf Mask DL by NiShiGara
Models DL Monsters and animals
[MMD] New Avatar Icon CONTEST by osiel-alex
Battlestage Comicx
SxR Cinder's Tour Of Beacon by CyrilSmith

Rules & Infos: READ ME FIRST!

About violence: What does "fight" mean?
MMD was formerly not made to make complex animations, we all know that, but when you can move some bones you can do with MMD almost all that any 3d animation program can do. Including battle/fight animations and scenes.
So, let's say this group will include almost all concerning battle/brawl/fight contents made in MMD.
"Fight" means "fight", not an unilateral violence upon a third part.
In a fight there are at least two fighting parts. One will win, the other will be defeated, or they could stop the fight in a stale. But they all fight.
The looser has the chance to fight and oppose, even in case of an ambush attack.
For this reason any kind of artwork reproducing torture, rape, domination, abuses and any other situation where a part is completely passive won't be accepted in this group.

Example: An ambush attack in which the attacker suddenly slams down a guard can be considered a fight, even if the guard is easely knocked down.
A situation, instead, in which a boy uses another boy (or, worst, a slave girl) blocked by chains/ropes as his personal punchbag won't be considered a fight: It's something more similar to torture/abuse and we don't accept this kind of contents.

Let me be explicit: This is not the group where to post domination/slavery/submission/bdsm fetish contents made using MMD. So please don't post fetish and/or BDSM related works here. If you need that kind of group, just search on DA groups directory. Hint: use keywords "MMD" and "fetish" to find them out.


About rights: all what you need to know
No content is directly hosted by the group. Users themselves load their content on Deviantart (or anywhere on the net and then link/publish them on DA). Users are directly responsible for what they upload/publish on Deviantart. Users that originally load/publish a Deviation are responsible in case of thir party rights have been violated.

We only publish LINKS to works and contents hosted by DA or published on DA.

Submitting any work by this group YOU ACCEPT to be responsible of what you are publishing.

We have no way to verify if you have or not the right to publish anything, and we only accept complains sent by original owners of rights that have been eventually violated.
Let's say MMD communities have a lot of people who improperly use words like "illegal". In most of cases no licence has been violated for the simple reason no licence can be applied.

Let's explicitly say that a single post, hidden on thousand of pages of posts on a japanese blog, where the author of a model says "Don't use my model's hat over the head of a sheep" cannot be considered a valid, clear and known licensing tool. Nor you can be considered a criminal if you take that hat and put it on the head of a sheep model.

Whenever an explicit license estabilishes clear terms of use, no way people can be accused to violate anything, nor to be "criminal", nor to do anything of illegal.
It's a matter of courtesy to ever RESPECT authors' wills (when known). It's a matter of courtesy and intellectual honesty to not use a model for contents that the original authors would deprecate.

For this reason, when you submit ANYTHING here:
:bulletgreen: Be sure to have the rights to SHARE the content
:bulletgreen: Be sure you're respecting any of author's wills
:bulletgreen: In case of derived/composed models always credit original authors

We simply CAN'T verify if you've the right to share contents, so you're the only responsible in case of any kind of will/right violation.

Also, since so many of MMD users will improperly use words like "illegal", "stolen", "crime" and so on, we won't accept any complain but from original authors.


If you use shortlink redirect services to point your DL contents, please check for what kind of ADs, redirects and popups they open on the user browser. Submissions containing url redirects to porn and/or malicious software sites will be removed without preventive warning.
User submitting them will be warned the first time and invited to not submit malicius/porn redirects again. The second time they submit malicious/porn redirects, they will be directly banned from the group.


About "password sharing"
Another questionable matter. We all know bowlroll and niconico and the hated practice to put there a content for free download but "protecting" it with a password the user must guess (or find it watching to a video) before they can download that content.

I won't say ALL I think about that practice. I could say I find stupid, perverse, unpleasant and annoying that practice, but I won't say it. ;)

Just say if they don't wanted a content to be free downloaded over the world they have choosen another way to protect their shared contents, to assure they can be downloaded by japanese people only or by specific people only.

The only case you're doing something "wrong" sharing a guessed password is when the author haven't given any kind of suggestion/hint to guess it, i.e. when the password is used to allow only some people to download a content.
In any other case you are doing nothing of illegal, nor anything of unpleasant if you share a guessed password.

If an author uploads a model on bowlroll and protect it with a password, then he writes "Password hint: the name of the fourteenth japanese emperor in roman letters, alternating uppercase and lowercase" and puts this hint into a video to block copy&paste to google translator, he is not protecting his creativity or his intellectual right: He's just stupidly annoying not japanese people.
So when somebody who has guessed the password shares the name of that emperor he's doing nothing of criminal nor violating any right.

For this reason we accept to publish deviations containing shared password if they refer to downloadable content when password hints have been provided by the author him/herself.
We won't accept any complain in case a deviation with shared password is submitted on this group unless the original author complains him/herself.



Downloads: All folders marked with "DL" refers to downloadable contents. Be sure you can share your contents before submitting them (on DA in general and here in particular).
Try to respect the folder argument, i.e. don't submit a flowers pot in the folder used for vehicles. Also don't submit artworks (pictures) in DL folders.

- Human/Humanoid/animal models: Please be sure they can used in fight scenes. if you know that original author disagrees this kind of use, please respect his/her wills and don't submit it on the group.
- Accessories: Submit any prop that could concern fights, action, survival, and so on. Almos all can be used also as improper weapon but please try to respect the group argument.
- Stages: Submit stages which could be a good environment for a fight/battle scene. Almost all kind of stage can be used to set up a fight scene but try to not force the meaning of the group submitting flowery fields and dolls houses.
- Tutorials: There are a lot of groups with great generic tutorials fom MMD users and for modellers, so try to submit tutorial concerning in particular action/war/fight animations, useful effects and so on.
- Poses & Motion data: Don't submit song/musical motion data, unless they are clearly related to fight/action circumstances. Also limit "generic" motions (such as walk/run/jump motion) to what can be used into and action/fight/war animation. For example, a walk/run motion data is good, because it can be easely used into a battle animation, while a hug&kiss motion is not. A karate stance pose data is good, a lotus/yoga pose is not good.



We have two type of favourite folders. The "art" folders refer to finished artworks made in MMD/MMM, i.e. scene pics and videos. Also renderings made in other 3D apps like Blender and so on are good since they use MMD contents/models.
MMD favourites (not marked by the word "art") are instead intended to be a kind of "parking area" where we put links to deviations we wanted to host in group gallery but author declined invitation or didn't answer the invitation yet.
When a downloadable content present in favourites submission invite has been accepted, that favourite (if downloadable content) should be removed from the group favs. This doesn't mean we not apreciate the content anymore, but that we've "promoted" it to gallery.


Following rules apply both to gallery folders and favourites folders.

:bulletgreen: Art of War: Any finished artwork concerning war in all its aspects. Mostly battles but not only. All kind of wars are accepted, from ancient times to futuristic and sci-fi battles. A strict requisite is that artwork MUST represent characters using WEAPONS and/or war vehicles (planes, battleships, war horse, tanks, spacefighters and so on).

:bulletgreen: Art of Freehand: Any finished artwork concerning hand-to-hand combat. Martial arts, brawls, and so on. A strict requisite is that artwork must be focused on freehand combat. Characters could have weapons but the main focus must be something that sounds like "kicks, punches (..)", you know? Also in this case please follow general rules for this group: Rape, torture, femdom, "ryona" and similar are not "fight". So, please, don't submit this kind of artworks here.

:bulletgreen: Art of PORTRAITS...: Portraits gallery, for pictures and movies having (mostly) a single character as argument. The character can be represented in fighting circumstances or not, but he/she should anyway suggest to be "battle ready" or to have a clearly fighting personality.

:bulletgreen: Art of OTHER...: Any finished artworks that matches general group rules but doesn't strictly match previous two fav categories. An example could be a cop while arresting a criminal, a thief in action, a training session and so on. Also portraits are good, BUT they should suggest a "ready for action" character. The represented character can have no weapons, but he/she must suggest to be ready and/or interested in fight/action purposes.
You guys have seen the Super Vehicle 001 in Vehicles DL, right? I found the Mummy Cats from Metal Slug Attack. And they're up for DL! If you don't believe me Go to this link: The deviant's name RyosukeKamui12. Link:
More Journal Entries


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